Ready for clean rugs?


Cascade Cleaning has the knowledge and experience necessary to safely clean your area rugs. We carefully identify the rug fibers to ensure our cleaning processes won’t damage these costly furnishings. 




STEP 1 – Pre-Inspection Prior to Cleaning

STEP 2 – Dry Soil Removal

STEP 3 – Pre-Condition
Depending on fiber content and soiling type, the rug is carefully pre-treated to emulsify existing soils.

STEP 4 – Pre-Spot
Any potentially difficult spots are pre-treated with special solutions to increase the likelihood of stain removal.

STEP 5 – Soil Extraction & Rinse
The rug is finally rinsed with a select solution and left pH-balanced to inhibit future soiling.

What We Do

Expert Services

Whether you have a home, business, boat, RV or car, you likely made a substantial investment in the initial cost. The need to take care of your investment becomes clear as you start to witness premature wear and aging.

At Cascade Cleaning Services, we are specialists in restoring and maintaining your flooring and upholstery and offer a variety of other cleaning services to both commercial and residential clients.

Cascade Cleaning Services will explain and customize a program that maximizes your budget. 

Carpet Cleaning


Tile & Grout Cleaning

Pet Stains & Odors

Carpet Stretching

Hardwood Floors Cleaning

RVs and Autos

Furniture Cleaning

Offices & Businesses

Air Duct Cleaning

Concrete Cleaning

Dryer Vents

Some choose Cascade Cleaning Services because… 

High Quality

We employ professionals that use state of the art equipment and quality products.

Quick Cleaning

Our cleaning technologies get you back to living in your space asap.

Excellent Result

We are trained, knowledgeable and we do out job…we clean floors and furniture! 

Cost Effective

The right price for experts using the state of the art equipment and quality products.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

We utilize environmentally-friendly cleaning products that clean.

Air Duct Cleaning

Whatever is living in your vents may cause sneezing and other health issues.