Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Will the “HydraMaster Method” affect the warranty on my carpet?

A: No, in fact most carpet manufacturers and retailers recommend professional clearing with hot water extraction and recognize the advanced technology employed by the HydraMaster Power Wand Extractor.


Q: How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

A: You carpet is a major investment and will last much longer with proper care. Generally experts recommend homeowners have their carpets cleaned at least once a year. Many homeowners choose to protect the investment their carpets represent by cleaning every other season. Children, pets, and environmental conditions can also affect the frequency of needed cleaning.


Q: I’m concerned about health. Is this type of cleaning as safe as other methods?

A: Cascade Cleaning Services is concerned about health and safety, too. Those concerns are another good reason we use the HydraMaster Method. This highly effective power cleaning uses less cleaning solution, and extracts and recovers more water than other methods. Bacteria and mold can grow in carpets that are left wet for long periods. By using HydraMaster cleaning, your carpet will be fresh and dry long before that can happen.