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"Cascade Cleaning Services" is Recommended Exclusively by Great Floors of the Treasure Valley. 884-1975

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Click on "Joel's Testimonial" to hear a voice mail testimonial from TJO Flooring. Joel's number is 861-0494. Joel's Testimonial

As a business owner and consumer I would recommend Matt Huck and Cascade Carpet Cleaning to anyone. In fact, I already have. Matt was courteous, on time and the end result was superb. The ultimate testament was my wife's reaction…for two days straight, she would not stop talking about how great the carpets looked.

Thanks Matt!

Sean P Murphy

Dear Matt,

I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: "Matt is one of those unique individuals that is a real person first, and a business owner second. When I first met Matt, it was in a business-oriented environment, but his sincere style made him immediately likeable. That's rare. On the job, his impeccable integrity and vast expertise make him stand out from his competitors. I have recommended his company to numerous friends and family and all have been extremely satisfied. And they all say the same thing; "Matt is a really nice guy." He is. I consider Matt a friend and a true professional. I can't endorse him enough."

Service Category: Carpet Cleaning

Year first hired: 2008

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Dear Matt,

As you know Krista was to the point of replacing or reupholstering the two to three pieces in our living room, which were in good condition except soiled by use. I was looking at spending thousand dollars. Krista had her doubts that you could restore the light-colored fabric sofa and matching chair. You saved the day and did a wonderful job, as Krista is very happy and still raves about your work.

Thanks again and you will have all my future carpet cleaning business

Paul & Krista 853-0617

Matthew great job cleaning our carpets. The biggest problem with getting carpets cleaned is the wait time for the carpets to dry so you can get your house back together. With Matthew Huck's system our carpets were dry within less than an hour. We didn't have to drag out all the fans and wait a day to put our furniture back. Further I noticed that our carpets were cleaner and have stayed cleane than when we used other other carpet cleaners.


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