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If you have never experienced the excellent services of Cascade Cleaning, we offer up to 100 square feet of free carpet cleaning or equivalent services. No high-pressure sales, just clean carpet!

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Don't risk your investment by using uneducated, uninformed, or downright unscrupulous carpet cleaners. Call 407-8999!

Restrictions: Can be deducted from minimum charge. Must be a new customer. Coupon can be redeemed only by the homeowner if residential, or a decision-maker if commercial. Person redeeming coupon must be present at the time of service. One coupon per customer. Not valid with any other offer.

New Technology for Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning!

Our DriMaster System employs new technology that extracts 85% more water than traditional steam cleaning methods, leaving your carpet and upholstery cleaner and dryer with fewer allergens and no chemicals left behind. This system is guaranteed to clean deeper and more thoroughly, yet will not wet the backing of the your carpet. The videos below show the new DriMaster Technology in action.





This photo shows our vehicle-mounted industrial-duty vacuum pump that forms the core of the HydraMaster extraction system.

Truck Mount Carpet Extraction Pump


The photos below are actual carpet jobs where we used the HydraMaster cleaning system. The photos have not been touched up.

Dirty Carpet Cleaning Boise   Dirty Carpet Cleaning Boise

Dirty Carpet Cleaning Boise   Dirty Carpet Cleaning Boise

Dirty Carpet Cleaning Boise   Dirty Carpet Cleaning Boise

Dirty Carpet Cleaning Boise   Dirty Carpet Cleaning Boise

This photo shows the RX20 cleaning head after a cleaning job.

Boise Carpet Cleaning Proof

Nail polish is among the toughest stains to remove. Below you will see proof that we can get it out. On the left are photos showing an area where nail polish has been spilled. On the right, you see the same area after cleaning.

Nail Polish In Carpet   Nail Polish Removed from Carpet

Nail Polish In Carpet   Nail Polish Removed from Carpet


STEP 1 - Every carpet receives a thorogh pre-inspection prior to cleaning.

STEP 2 - Your carpet is carefully pre-vacuumed with a high-powered machine to remove insoluble debris. This step provides a more thorough cleaning. Why have the insolubles (pet hair, sand, etc.) stirred around during the wet process step?

Dyson Powerful Carpet Cleaning Vacuum

STEP 3 - Sofas, chairs and tables are cautiously moved.

STEP 4 - High-traffic areas and stains are pre-treated for more effective soil removal.

STEP 5 - Carpet is pre-groomed to further loosen traffic area soil.

STEP 6 - Loosened soil is then thoroughly extracted.

STEP 7 - Carpet is left pH-balanced to inhibit future soiling.

STEP 8 - Post-Spot Treatment (if necessary)

STEP 9 - High-velocity air movers are used to speed-dry carpet.

STEP 10 - Carpet pile is set in one direction for faster drying.

STEP 11 - Post-inspection is performed to insure you are pleased.


Given that room sizes can vary greatly, we charge on a square foot basis. You are charged only for the area being cleaned and there are no hidden costs. Nor are there additional charges for general spot removal or moving light furniture.

We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Visa MasterCard Discover


We perform pet odor removal using highly effective "Water Claw" Technology.

Water Claw Pet Odor Removal


Protectants should always be applied to carpet or upholstery after cleaning. Unprotected textiles are prone to pre-mature soiling, permanent stains, and ultimately, a shorter life. We use only quality protectants with a 1-year written guarantee. It even protects against red dye. Not all brands can say that.

Maxim Carpet Protectants


Here are some handy spot removal techniques. Use these practices in between cleanings to improve your carpet's longevity and reduce long-term care expenses.

Carpet Spotting Guide