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Cascade Cleaning offers a variety of services to our residential clients. With our state-of-the-art DriMaster technology, we can efficiently clean both natural and synthetic carpet and upholstery fibers with excellent results, while maintaining minimal dry times. We gurarantee our technology will obtain a deeper clean than the dry processes.

Additionally, our specialized and cutting-edge RamAir System technology makes it possible to offer air duct and dryer vent cleaning. These are two of the best ways to reduce the risk of fire, increase energy efficiency, minimize harmful indoor air pollutants, and decrease the amount of time you spend dusting.

We use only the most professional cleaning products available. They are environmentally respectful, safe for your family, cost-effective, and guaranteed to clean better than our competitor's solutions.


DriMaster Carpet Cleaning Pump

Cascade Cleaning Services uses the advanced, truck mounted DriMaster Cleaning System. It extracts 85% more water than with traditional steam cleaning methods. In fact it's so efficient, it's guaranteed not to wet the backing of your carpets. This means faster dry times and an overall cleaner carpet with fewer allergens left behind!

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Dirty Air Ducts

Dirty ductwork and dryer vents are not only inefficient, they can be dangerous.

Cascade Cleaning uses the RamAir Clear View Duct Cleaning System. This system allows you to actually see what is being extracted from your ductwork as it happens.

Lint and other flammable debris trapped inside your dryer vent can be a significant fire hazard. If your dryer vent exits through the roof, gravity is working against the flow of air increasing the amount of material that can be trapped. If you are experiencing longer dry times, a dirty vent could be the cause.

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